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Time Domain Transmission Line Demonstrator (TDTLine)

A visual tranmission line simulator that shows the development and propogation of signals on a tranmsission line over time.


DAQ Viewer

An easy to use program to display captured signals from Adept Scientific Data Aquisition boards. Bundled software with the PersonalDAQ 3000 / Datashuttle 3000 does not allow simple viewing of captured signals without exporting data to proprietry formats.

This software was developed to aid in seismic vibration monitoring systems to allow rapid analysis of captured data. 3 Axis data can be used to calculate maximum resultant PPV and also display the frequency content of the aquired signals.

Please contact us regarding DAQ Viewer enquires.



An automated interface to the PersonalDAQ 3000 / Datashuttle 3000 that can be set to automatically aquire on startup with pre-configured aquisition settings. Saved files are named with a time-stamp indicating immediatly when the system was triggered.

Please contact us regarding AutoDAQ enquires.